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Post Tensioned concrete offers significant performance in tall buildings.


Post Tensioning

The Principle Idea of Prestressed concrete is to introduce compression in the Tension zone or reinforced concrete in order to reduce deflection and cracking

Post Tensioning Construction Procedure

  • Post tensioning ducts are placed in the slab according to the design profile.
  • High strength strands inserted inside
  • Live ends anchors are placed at the other ends of the strands.
  • Minimum reinforcement are placed according to the design.
  • Concrete are poured in normal way of reinforced concrete slabs
  • After 12 hours initial stress of 20% are done in order to reduce the plastic cracks
  • Full stress of the tendons are done after 3 days when the concrete strength reach at least 25 N/mm2
  • The tendons are grouted with special grot in the bonded system
  • The anchors places are closed with a grout.
  • The scaffolding can be removed for further construction.
  • Dead ends are made by special at the other ends of the strands

Bonded & Unbonded Systems

Bonded System

  • Flat duct usually galvanized steel 20m By 70mm is used
  • Multi strands are inserted inside
  • The duct is grouted with non-shrinking grout after full tensioning of the strands
  • One end is dead end and the other is live end unless the tendon is too long

Un-bonded System

  • Round Sheathing ducts (usually plastic) are used.
  • Single strand is inserted in the duct.
  • The duct if fll grease for corrosion protection.
  • Two live ends anchors are used.

Advantages of post tensioning System

  • Construction proceed like ordinary cast in place reinforced concrete
  • Less time is required for the placement of the PT and conventional reinforcement
  • Faster construction can be achieved because scaffoldings can be removed after 3 days
  • It more economic than reinforced concrete
  • Less slabs thickness is required which resulted in saving of the floor heights and loads on the columns ad footings in addition to giving more flexibility in AC design.
  • Less deflection and cracks under service loads.

Post Tensioning Design

Project Design (Installed by Austral Staff)

Project Title Client Contract Consultant Job Tonnage
G +6 Residential building, Al Barsha Hashim Abdulla Al Ahmed Al Dabai Aswan Contracting Co. Canadian 7 post tensioned slabs 72
B + G 10 Residential Building, Al Quasis Ahmed Ali Sultan Al Saboosi Adnan Contracting Co. Al Ajrni 10 post tensioned slabs 56
B + G 4 Residential Building, Al Karama Mohammed Khamis Ben Hendi Ahmed Bin Dasmai Al Maktab Asri 8 post tensioned slabs 35
G + 4 Residential Building, Muha Isnah Belhasa Group Al Tatwir Al Shurooq 4 post-tensioned Slabs 76
G + 4 Residential Building, Al Dubai Arabian Scandinavian Insurance ACT Contracting Co. National Eng. Bureau 4 post-tensioned Slabs + Roof 38
B + 18 Residential Building, Abu Dhabi Eisa Bin Naseer Bin Abdullatif Zakum Contracting Co,& Real Estate Apollodor Eng.Consultancy 18 post tensioned slabs 82
G + 10 Residential Building, Ajman Irpgte Al Barook Contracting Co. Al Khawajah 10 post-tensioned Slabs 64
G + 7 Residential Building, Ajman ghazi Assad Al Barook Contracting Co. Al Nakheel 7 post-tensioned Slabs 28
G + M + I Supermarket Building Emirates Co-Operation Society Summer Cont. Al Emarah Al Khalijia Eng. 7 post-tensioned Slabs 6 pour 60
G + 7 Residential Building Emad Juma Ali Ahli Julfar Cont. Al Shurooq 7 post-tensioned Slabs 48

Austral Job in hand

Project Title Client Contract Consultant Job Tonnage
2B + G + 10 Rufi Gardens MHC Dartin 13 pt slabs 58
B + G + 19 Commercial Building in sport city Paxino leter MHC Barajeel 15 pt slabs 52
B + G + 13 Commercial Building in sport city m/s Gold more MHC Dartin 14 pt slabs 48
G + 7 Residential Building, in sharjah Mr.Jasam Al Hosaniy Al Rawahill Contracting Al Rawaq 8 pt Slabs 17